How Do I Add My Yahoo Mail Account To Outlook?

Do you want to be able to add your Yahoo Mail account to Outlook? Then you will be guided right away with the solutions needed within no time. And if you are also troubled with other related queries then you can feel free to give a call on the Yahoo Customer Care Number without having any second thoughts. And then the most talented and eligible experts will provide you with the topmost solutions.

Follow these steps accordingly to get accurate results:

  • You need to start by signing into your email account.
  • And then you are supposed to select the Settings option
  • Next, you would have to select the ‘View all Outlook settings’ option also.
  • Then you need to select ‘Mail > Sync email’.
  • After doing so right under the ‘Connected accounts’ section you will have to select the ‘Other email accounts’ option.
  • And now in the ‘Display name’ text box, you must enter the name that you would like to show in the email messages that others will receive from you.
  • You must now enter your Yahoo Mail email address and password in the given field.

IMPORTANT: However, if your Yahoo Mail account has the two-step verification enabled then you would have to enter the app password that you generated.

  • You will now have to choose to either create a new folder for your Yahoo mail or you could choose to import your Yahoo mail into your existing Outlook folders
  • Finally, at last, you got to select the OK button and then you should be all good to start.

NOTE: You should know that the messages import process may take a while if you have too many Yahoo messages. And therefore you can choose to close your browser and then just turn off your computer. And when the import is completed you will be able to see your Yahoo messages appearing on Outlook.

You should now be all set and ready to access the needful without any difficulty. But in case you encounter any sort of glitches then you must Contact Yahoo Service Number NZ. Then the technicians will be right there to guide you with further proper solutions.

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