How Do I Reset The Forgotten Password of Yahoo Mail?

Do you want to be able to reset the forgotten password of your Yahoo Mail account? Well then in this blog you will surely be guided right away with the most useful solutions. And if you have other queries related then you can feel free to give a call on the Yahoo Customer Care Number NZ any time. Then the efficient experts will provide you with the solutions within no time.

The following are the steps to reset the forgotten password of a Yahoo account:

Step 1: First of all, you got to start by selecting the ‘Forgot password’ option it will be seen at the bottom of the sign-in page.

Step 2: And then you should select how you would like to verify your account – via text Gmail or email.

Step 3: And if you have chosen the text option then you should enter your phone number and select the ‘Submit’ button to be able to receive a code. Then if you have picked the email option then you need to continue to the next step. But if you have chosen Gmail then you just need to follow the given prompts to log into your Gmail account.

Step 4: You will now have to locate the verification code from the text or email and then you must enter it on the Yahoo site.

Step 5: Finally at last you just need to follow any of the provided on-screen prompts.

And now after you have successfully recovered access to your account you can go ahead and change the Yahoo Mail password to whatever you want. You should always remember to use a strong email password so that it is not easily guessed.

Warning: Now if you are unable to access your Yahoo Mail account by using a mobile phone number a secondary email address Gmail or Yahoo help then it could be that you may have abandoned your old Yahoo Mail account and then you should create a new one.

Once you have finished going through the above steps then you should be able to use your Yahoo account smoothly. However, if you come across any problem then you can Contact Yahoo Customer Service Number. The technicians will then guide you accordingly with the solutions needed.

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