How to change Yahoo language back to English?

Did somehow the language changed on you yahoo mail and you want to change it back to English? Do not worry as here this article will fix your problem as it will take you through few steps and will change the language back to English.

Step 1: Open your yahoo mail with your email address and password.

Step 2: On the left bar you will see an option saying “Preferences”, click on it.

Step 3: It will give you an option saying “Locations and Languages”, click on it,

Step 4: Then below you will see an option “Languages” adjacent to which is an arrow pointing downwards, click on it.

Step 5: When you will click on that arrow all the languages will appear and from them you can select English as you preferred language and then click on “Add”.

Your language is now changed to English and now you can easily use your Yahoo mail. There are other language options available for the premium users. To add any other language, just follow the basic steps mentioned below and choose desired language from the drop down list. For solution regarding Yahoo language change contact us anytime.

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